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Guest Post by AcuteByDesign Author Cynthia MacGregor Are your kids looking forward to summer, the end of studies, and a summer of, if not exactly sloth, at least not hitting the books? All well and good, but if they don’t … Continue reading

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If there are two things that the team at AcuteByDesign finds irresistible, it’s classic children’s tales and African culture. So, naturally, when Patricia “Norki” Nater, a talented Ghanaian writer and inner-city teacher working in Washington, D.C., sent a submission to … Continue reading

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Matsue Wiles created the bright and gorgeous illustrations for AcuteByDesign’s recent release The Lost Bicycle, by Cory Hills. We noticed lots of different influences in her style and thought we’d ask her about her background and what inspires her art. … Continue reading

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