AbyD Launch Party for Cynthia MacGregor’s book “Heartfelt” a Success!

Cyn holding up a copy of her latest release, Heartfelt, The Special Reindeer

Cyn holding up a copy of her latest release, Heartfelt, The Special Reindeer

The good wishes were indeed “heartfelt” when over a dozen of Cynthia “Cyn” MacGregor’s friends and associates gathered in her home for a double celebration, marking not only her birthday but also the release of Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer.

Seating was at a premium but there was no shortage of good cheer and also no shortage of interest in Cynthia’s latest book from AcuteByDesign, the story of a “special needs” reindeer who also has a special power: the ability to look into a person’s heart and know what their most heartfelt wish is.

Among those gathered to fete Cyn on this double occasion was Lawrence (“Larry”) Rein, who wrote the music for the song “It’s Heartfelt” and also performs it on the recording, which is available for download here .   Cyn wrote the lyrics to the can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head tune.

Cyn's guests assembled at her home

Cyn’s guests assembled at her home

Although nobody sang the birthday song, Larry Rein whipped out his smartphone and played a recording of “It’s Heartfelt” for the assemblage. Good food and wine abounded, as did a sense of camaraderie and a general congratulatory atmosphere.

Cyn “wears two hats” around AbyD: as one of its authors and one of its staffers. Her only regret at the party was that none of the other AbyD team members could be present to join her on this occasion.

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry Cyn, we’ll be there next time! 

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