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Guest Post by Patricia Norki Nater, author of Dance of the Antelope Finding Acute By Design was a godsend. Literally. Sometime last year as I was surfing the Craigslist website looking for part-time teaching and tutoring work and scrolling through … Continue reading

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If there are two things that the team at AcuteByDesign finds irresistible, it’s classic children’s tales and African culture. So, naturally, when Patricia “Norki” Nater, a talented Ghanaian writer and inner-city teacher working in Washington, D.C., sent a submission to … Continue reading

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Did you ever think of replacing fairy tales with family tales? Oh, not every night, not every time you tell your child a story, but definitely some of the time. Now and again, instead of telling your child about Cinderella, … Continue reading

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A bedtime story is a traditional pre-sleep activity that predates printed books. Even earlier than printing presses and publishing houses, families kept this tradition by making up or passing down stories that they told their young ones as they drifted … Continue reading

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