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Diane Humetewa is the United States’s first female Native American Federal Judge and a hero of ours here at AbyD. Confirmed last year, she is doing a great job fairly interpreting the law for the state of Arizona. At AbyD, … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Patricia Norki Nater, author of Dance of the Antelope Finding Acute By Design was a godsend. Literally. Sometime last year as I was surfing the Craigslist website looking for part-time teaching and tutoring work and scrolling through … Continue reading

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Do you know what leitmotifs are? Did you know that they can help learning-disabled students begin reading and that they are used widely in Cory Hills’s book and CD project The Lost Bicycle? By now, you’ve likely seen Cory Hills’s … Continue reading

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Do you sigh at the thought of handing out the same tired old paperback books to your class year after year? Do you dread the thought of correcting out-of-date worksheets and giving the same assignments as you watch the bored … Continue reading

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In the first part of this series we discussed the issues introduced when technical gadgets are introduced into school curriculum. The resource-based issues are multiple and include: –Underserved schools that can not afford gadgets that aid the student learning experience … Continue reading

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This is the first in a series of stories related to technology availability in under served schools. This piece deals only with the problems, next week’s blog post will offer some possible solutions. We will be adding to this series … Continue reading

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Sometimes it seems like being a great teacher means that your job is even harder than most. For example: your class is reading a great book and you have dreamed up the perfect companion project. But you need supplies that … Continue reading

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