Classroom Grants

Small Grants For Classroom & After School Programs


Eligible Applicants: Schools, classrooms, parent associations and after school programs, Pre-K through 12th grades.

Qualifying Uses: The AbyD Small Grants Program is available for eligible applicants, Pre-K through 12th grade, requesting funds to supplement a student, classroom, after school or parent association project.

We encourage application requests that support high-achieving, low-income students compete on equal footing with other students by requesting funding that supports application fees to independent schools, SAT or college application fees; enrichment travel, etc.

Preference will be given to applications requesting assistance for struggling students. For example: rewards or incentives for growth and improvement such as purchasing books, partaking in community activities or for award during school/classroom competitions for writing, spelling bees or other academic endeavors.

Grants are available from $25 to $500.
There are not a lot of rules for this small gift. Send a letter of no more than two pages, explaining your proposed use of the funds requested, amount requested and tell us something about you/organization. You will be notified of decision within two weeks and receive funds within four weeks. On receipt of the award letter you will be asked to provide some verification or documentation. If we have any questions we will drop you a note so be sure to include your name and email contact.

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