Mari's Journey

Mari’s Journey


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Have a child interested in animals, poems or learning a new language while reading a fun and beautifully illustrated story? Then have them join Mari, an adventuresome Emperor butterfly that travels through a whimsical world of delightful animals. Join her colorful voyage that is detailed through engaging full-color illustrations and English and Spanish bilingual poems.

Mari’s Journey is a gem not only for elementary readers, but for those learning a second language and anyone with a love for contemporary poetry. This is an imaginative excursion you’ll never forget!

Introducing readers to new words in a fresh language, a compelling narrative, haiku poetry and delaney’s full-color illustrations, this book is one that your children can continue to enjoy in new ways for years to come.

Read with wonder as Mari meets a snake, giraffe, ostrich, bear, octopus elephant, pig, penguin, lion, turtle, fish and monkey in a story elegantly told.

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Hardcover, Paperback


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