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The Last Drop of Sunshine


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Guilou (pronounced Gee-Lou) lives on the top floor of a large apartment building. From her bedroom window high in the sky she can hear the buzz of the city and the musical voices of her neighbors’ accents of Haitian, Spanish, and German, as well as plain ol’ English. The sounds of her neighborhood make her happy.

On Saturdays, even more than on other days, Guilou is all smiles because her mother does not have to work. They wait all week for Saturday to play their special “sunshine bubble” game and chase soap bubbles all over the house. One day, Guilou realizes that her bottle of sunshine bubbles is nearly empty, so she decides to hide the last drop away and save it forever.

Things are starting to pile up on Guilou. She’s worried about her father’s absence and her mother working too hard. When her good friend becomes sick, she knows the only thing she can give him is going to be a big sacrifice for her. What will she do?

Join Guilou as she learns that helping others is sometimes the best way to help yourself.

This title is the first by author Michael Sharpe, a longtime education administrator and advocate for underprivileged inner city students. Michael has a special sensitivity to kids who are in less-than-ideal situations and a real talent for speaking in a voice that they can relate to and making them feel that they are not alone.

This title, suitable for 1st to 3rd grade readers, is illustrated with fanciful watercolors by Niki Key. Niki has a amazing eye for detail and her joyful renderings easily sweep the reader, young or old, into Guilou’s world. Niki brings to life Guilou’s bubbles, her joys, and her troubles. Between the talents of Michael and Niki, readers will easily identify with Guilou from the very first page.

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