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The Lost Bicycle


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When Mother Earth’s son loses the first bicycle ever made, he embarks on a search that brings him into a green forest, down a steep mountain, and through a rushing river. Along the way he meets a cheetah, tortoise, and hippo, all of whom point the boy in the direction of his lost bicycle. But who ends up bringing the bicycle back to the boy?

This picture book is a companion piece to Cory Hills’s 2010 award-winning children’s CD by the same name. The CD won a gold medal in the NAPPA Parenting Awards, a silver medal in the Parent’s Choice Awards, and honors for the World Storytelling Award.

A fable-like story, suitable for pre-k to 2nd grade readers, the tale draws on such diverse influences as Senegalese Griot [link to Cory blog post], percussive storytelling traditions, and the work of Rudyard Kipling.

The book’s illustrator, Matsue Wiles, has spent her life between her native Liberia and her adopted home of Baton Rouge. Her art displays influences of primitive traditions, African roots, and Southern styles. The product of these two talents together is pure, multicultural magic.

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This charming book in the style of Rudyard Kipling is an enchanting fable that details a boy’s search for his bicycle–the first-ever of its kind, a gift from Mother Nature. An endearing bedtime story or early reader. Follow the boy’s journey as he searches high and low, through many terrains and with the help of many animals, searching for his lost bicycle. Will he find it? Where? And who will finally help him? Read More

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