AcuteByDesign, (AbyD), is a tiny publishing ensemble hidden in a garage in the valleys of Fairfield County, Connecticut. AbyD is dedicated to providing new, emerging and under-represented writers, illustrators, editors, social media marketers and publisher wanna-be’s the opportunity to actually be!

Please send us your manuscript for consideration.

AbyD recruits from the ranks of those who wish to learn and grow in the publishing industry. We provide a platform for minorities, women and others who are under-represented in the world of publishing to be heard through quality publishing.

AbyD creates books so that children of all races, cultures and religions can be touched by the gift of literature. We want our writers and illustrators to empower girls and boys as equals in their abilities to dream and to achieve as they have dreamed. Our books and illustrations should inspire children from struggling world countries to dream bigger than their circumstances while inspiring empathy in affluent children that we are in a connected world and somehow we must all be a part of its solution.




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